Tommy Roper’s Big Deal

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  • First. Nice ending!

  • Gigantic Cahuna

    Love it! And love the movie posters in the background.

  • Mhatt

    Yah good! Many an earned chuckle.
    Also I watched Shape of Water last night, was let down. I am Del Toro fan generally but it just lacked originality oddly enough. Looked cool, some okay characters and moments but overall sort of meandering.

  • These are fuck awesome !

  • Dom_DeLuise’s_Armpit_Man

    That’s great. I’m a new fan for sure.

  • gottahavemypops

    If anybody would like to see about writing for this comic, feel free to send me a treatment at

  • Awesome Welles

    Tommy Roper reminds me a little of Rusty Venture.