Four Color Cinema, Vol. 2

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  • Sumatran_Rat_Monkey


    • RexDart_EskimoSpy


  • Sumatran_Rat_Monkey

    Some interesting composition choices on a few of these posters, but you really captured the likenesses of a lot of the characters. The Casablanca poster really catches my eye (one of my favorite films). Again, nice work Pops!

    • gottahavemypops

      Thanks Monkey!
      Interesting in a good way, I hope!

  • Awesome Welles

    The Goldfinger one is pretty sweet but I really dig the simplicity of that Jaws poster.

    • gottahavemypops

      Thanks man. The Jaws one was a rarity– it just popped into my head, fully-formed. It’s actually three separate drawings, which I combined digitally.

  • I mean… I’d hire you right away if I was looking for designers.

  • Buford_The_Sly

    Do Raising Arizona and you’ll forever be my hero.

  • Nice work.

    Would love to see one of the Godfather series. Incorporate all the movies somehow, past, present, future sort of thing.

  • Mhatt

    The Man Who Would Be King please!

  • The Escape Goat

    These are great. Can we assume Landline will be in the last installment?

  • Garrison Tweed

    Pops got skills.Great work!