Four Color Cinema, Part I

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  • Ben McVay


    • gottahavemypops


  • Hardcore F’n Mudd

    Holy shit I actually had to talk to real people for a couple of days and visited AICN (which was nearly as bad as talking to real people)

    Then some guy posted a link to this and now I feel safe again.

    Last Jedi was SHIT!
    (ah that felt good)

  • BongBong

    Nice stuff, Gotta!

    • gottahavemypops

      Thanks Mr. Bongs!

  • GADonis

    Those look really good. Wish I could drawn. I can CAD the shit out of stuff but not actually draw.

    • gottahavemypops

      I can draw but can’t CAD.

      • slumdog hundredaire

        Cease And Desist = CAD

  • I Die Hard Forever

    This kid’s got talent. That reminds me where’s Iron_Squid?

  • Buford_The_Sly

    That boy good.

  • Garrison Tweed

    Awesome.NOES would make a cool poster.

  • Those are amazing Pops! Btw, what do you do for work? Freelance Illustrator?

    • gottahavemypops

      I do, but not on a full time basis at this point. I also toil in a deli.

      • BongBong

        Get to selling your illustrations, Pop! There’s no reason you shouldn’t be making money with your illustrations now. Put your work on posters, merchandise, etc. It’s free to do so for you and you’ll make a markup on each product sold. If you need to find somewhere to start, I recommend both and, but there are many print-on-demand product sites (I prefer RedBubble, but I’ve used Zazzle as well). After your income takes off, you may choose to spend your own money building up an inventory of shirts or posters you could fulfill and ship yourself and make a higher profit per unit. Just something to think about.

  • Vector

    Very nice!

  • rachelsback

    Great choices. How long on average do they take?

    • gottahavemypops

      These took about 8-10 hrs on average. But this was working with ink and paper with digital colors. My all digital stuff is way faster.

  • Mechanismobetterblues

    Pops, those are terrific, the composition, color are all super effective. I like a man who like strong shadows! There’s room for improvement in the facial details ( only being honest not snarky) but that’s all I can think of – not a weak one there and they’d all look damn fine as posters. Well done man!

    • gottahavemypops

      I appreciate constructive criticism, thank you! Rocketeer especially is a bit wonky. I also had a hell of a time with Kate Capshaw. Had to redraw her 3x

  • Awesome Welles

    Excellent work. Clearly Pops likes drawing pictures of Jennifer Connelly. If I could draw that’s probably how I’d spend my days too.

    • gottahavemypops

      I ought to do one for Dark City and have a triptych going on. Or Career Opportunities.

      • BongBong

        Love Dark City. One of my faves. First DVD I ever bought.

        • slumdog hundredaire

          It is called African American City now..

    • slumdog hundredaire

      Mmmmmmm J-Co

  • Gigantic Cahuna

    Truly amazing.

    • gottahavemypops

      You are too kind.

  • Chilled Monkey Brains

    The Hook one is bangarang.

  • Sumatran_Rat_Monkey

    Very impressive work man! Labyrinth has got be my favorite.

    • gottahavemypops

      Mine, too. Thanks!

  • This is fantastic stuff! I love to draw lineart pinups, but only focus on one character at a time. Admire how you can put so much detail into a single piece. These reach strongly toward Mondo quality. use of color pops and I wish I could do that. Well done. So very well done!

  • Transhuman

    All nice, that Hook one is really good.

  • Troll Prince The White

    I shared your Halloween piece on FB before we were FB connected. They all really good.

  • Damn good stuff.

  • Skankhunt42

    Premier league dude!

  • Robert Walker

    Brilliant mate, love all of it but especially labyrinth

  • Sharted Copiously

    Oh, here you fuckers are.

  • Angry Kitty

    Goodness. This artwork is fantastic.

  • slumdog hundredaire

    This is goooooood shit right there.

  • slumdog hundredaire

    Can we get some nudes please. It is all kosher as long as it is tastefully done right?

    Seriously though…. Well done 🙂

  • Ichi the Killer

    Rocketeer is such an awesome, underrated gem. Still holds well. And Jennifer Connelly….swoon

  • Really cool stuff, man

  • Pawpr1nt

    Ah. Found you all, my bastard children.

  • DaFelch

    These are great! You’re a talented fellow…